What We Do

Web Applications

We design, develop & deploy web applications complete with a Content Management System (CMS). Our web applications range from purely informational to very interactive depending on our client’s requirements. We also deploy e-commerce portals as part of the web application. As part of our Web Monitoring Strategy (WMS), each deployed website automatically alerts our team when errors occurs and exactly what the errors are to enable our team deploy patches or fixes in record time.
Interactive Applications

We design, develop & deploy interactive applications for various demands ranging from conventional applications such as Customer Relational Management (CRM), Human Resources Management (HRM), Educational applications – tutorial applications, computer based tests (CBTs) to non-conventional applications.
Distributed Applications

We design, develop & deploy distributed applications which are typically centrally managed applications, on an application server, having connections from thin-layer clients running on various platforms in various physical or geographical locations. These thin-layer clients could run on various platforms such as mobile devices, PCs, or could the internet.
Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

We design & deploy Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Warehousing (DW) solutions as part of our Decision Support Systems (DSS). Our BI & DW solutions pull together a myriad of tools (both off-the-shelf as well as bespoke) to create a system where by organization data is processed in a way trends and patterns can emerge and thus it aids in decision making.
Database Management System

We design & deploy Database Management Systems (DBMS) as part of our Data Storage Solution. Our DBMSs are optimized to enhance performance in query & reporting. All our DBMS are fully scalable and can be deployed on platforms from any vendor.
Corporate Training

We deploy software training as part of our Corporate Performance Enhancer Solution (CPES). We cover all Microsoft Office Applications - MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, etc and also provide training in speed typing and presentation skills.
Business Image Rebranding / Creation

We help organizations create new business images or rebrand existing business images. We create logos, websites, deploy information systems and enterprise-wide solutions that enhance business performance and hence improve their image.
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